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Restaurants are judged for their quality standard and the level of the experience they offer.

Restaurants with a rating over 5.4 are considered by editors or users to be above average.

A rating of 10 belongs to the ‘Perfect’ and the ‘Unimpeachable’.
Almost impossible!

Therefore, restaurants are marked,
at the time of visit, based on the following criteria:

1) Taste

Restaurants over 5.4 are considered by Fine Traveling Editors worthy of a visit. A 10 belongs to the impeccable. The flawless. Almost impossible!

2) Adventure

Eating at a fine establishment should be an adventure; a balanced story with a beginning, a middle and an end. In other words, at the end of the day was that experience memorable for you? Did the food ‘sweep you off your feet’ so to speak?

3) Appearance

Here a restaurant is rated not only on just how presentable a dish was but how much detail or thought has been given to it. Above 8 should be works of art. A rating of 10 should be considered a masterpiece. A Mona Lisa if you can find it!

4) Ambience

A hotel area, elevated to classic fine restaurant standards could be boring and cold. Contrary, an authentic traditional building, oozing history from the deep cracks in the walls, can be so rewarding. Beyond the furnishings and the fixtures, the atmosphere relies deeply on the people. How did you feel in there?

5) Service

Serving is an art form. It doesn’t have to be a royal treatment and it can’t be faked, as fake can be spotted from a mile away!

6) Pricing

Was the pricing reasonable for what was received? There is nobody in the world that likes to be taken advantage of, when it comes to paying the bill. It is plain offensive to visit a tourist trap even a highly decorated one.

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