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Cherry Awards are focused on rewarding hotels which stand out for their professionalism, for their premises and for their service.

Therefore, hotels are marked at the time of visit based on the following criteria:

1) Room

The room has to provide a good night's sleep, be soundproofed, and have all the necessary amenities plus that extra edge you are paying for.

2) Ambience

Most 5-star hotels host all sorts of luxurious environments and settings. Nevertheless, it has to feel right and be appealing from an aesthetic standpoint.

3) Amenities

Most importantly, a hotel should not only provide a worry free stay to heighten and enhance a traveler’s experience but also offer any kind of relevant service important to or needed by guests.

4) Location

Location is key to staying in a hotel. For instance, if a hotel sits in the middle of everything that is important to a guest, or has a million dollar view, it deserves a higher rating.

5) Service

Serving is an art form. The few that master it will stay in your heart for ever. It doesn’t have to be a royal treatment and it can’t be faked either. Fake can be spotted from a mile away!

6) Pricing

There is nobody in the world that likes to be taken advantage of, when it comes to paying the bill. It is plain offensive to visit a tourist trap, even a highly decorated one and pay an arm and a leg.

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