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About Cherry Awards

Cherry Awards is a brand of FineTraveling Ltd created to provide primarily a rating system for:
  • Hotels and restaurants for comparison
  • Provide information and advice on hotels and restaurants to tourists and business travellers;
  • Personalized rating criteria about hotels and temporary accommodations for travel via the internet.

Cherry Awards rating system.

Cherry Awards is a rating system, just like other popular guides. It rewards Fine establishments around the world with Cherries on a scale of 1 to 5. Establishments and ‘things to do’ venues, attractions and sightseeing are rated by editors on a scale of 1 to 10. Those that receive a rating above 5.4, are awarded Cherries. Specifically:

  • 9.4-10 equals 5 Cherries which is the top ranking,
  • 8.4-9.3 equals 4 Cherries,
  • 7.4-8.3 equals 3 Cherries,
  • 6.4-7.3 equals 2 Cherries and finally
  • 5.4-6.3 equals 1 Cherry.

Conclusively, an assignment of 1 Cherry Award denotes that editors, consider the establishment to be above average.

Reward the positive by focusing on just that.

It is no secret that it is quite difficult to navigate through a complex hospitality scene. Hotels and restaurants around the world come in all forms, sizes and budgets. and are a valuable database of information, which praise the positive aspects by focusing on just that. The negatives are simply not included. However, a non featured establishment on or does not necessarily mean that it is not deserving or eligible. It could simply mean that Finetraveling (FT) editors haven’t gotten to it yet.

Who assigns or allocates Cherry Awards?

Cherry Awards are awarded by editors only, who are experienced travelers with a keen eye for details and a mature taste for Fine experiences.

Cherries are displayed next to the establishment listed on and, based on visits performed by editors.

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